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We are committed to the protection and restoration of properties in the UK, whether it is a renowned public building or a newly built home. We offer a wide range of services to cater for all kinds of needs, including several to help property owners combat the risk that birds pose to buildings. When it comes to bird proofing in Coventry and throughout the surrounding areas, we truly excel and can find the best solution for any kind of structure.

Birds can prove to be a huge problem for buildings, particularly when they choose to nest on ledges and roofs or in guttering and ventilation systems. Some will even find ways to get under the roofing materials and make nests in loft spaces. Their presence can lead to a host of problems, ranging from harming the facade of the structure with acidic droppings to blocking gutters. In the worst cases, they can cause roofs to leak or even collapse ceilings.

There are several ways to bird proof a property. The simplest of these is to add netting and spikes to prevent them from landing on the building. Both options are relatively basic but they can prove to be very effective. The only downside is they can have an effect on the aesthetics of the property. Buildings with a beautiful facade will probably prefer a less visible option.

Electronic bird proofing is likely to be the best bet for historically and architecturally sensitive structures. Systems like Avishock are discreet and can effectively keep birds away without requiring any large scale changes to a property. Deterrent systems use small electrical shocks to scare away unwanted flying intruders looking to land on the structure. The Avishock system is highly regarded because it has been tested extensively and will not harm birds.

We offer all three types of bird proofing in Coventry and can tailor each one to suit the needs of each client. We are fully flexible and highly experienced so customers can rely on us to provide the best solutions for their specific needs. We vow to meet your specifications and ensure you property is protected in the right way, either with netting, spikes or an electric system. We have worked on properties all across Coventry and are regarded by many as the leading specialist in the area. If you have any concerns please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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