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Birds can pose a huge threat to homes and commercial buildings, particularly if you have them roosting in large numbers anywhere on the premises. Their droppings are unhygienic and pose a health hazard, and they can also inflict expensive structural damage on your property. For these reasons, it is important to install effective bird proofing solutions on your property to keep them away and reduce the risks they pose to your building and the people in it. Amongst our various steeplejack services, we specialise in all types of bird proofing services in Wolverhampton and throughout the surrounding areas, and we can offer a solution that's tailor made for your particular property.

There are various different options for protecting your property from birds. Spikes and netting are two of the most commonly used bird proofing solutions and can be seen on a wide variety of different buildings throughout the UK. Spikes simply provide a physical obstacle to prevent birds from landing on your building, and are a simple yet highly effective solution. Netting can also be installed to keep birds away.

If you are in search of bird proofing that is not so visible but is just as effective at keeping birds away from your property, we can also install innovative Avishock systems. They work by giving birds a harmless, yet disconcerting electric shock when they try to roost, providing an effective deterrent that will keep all species of birds away from the building without hurting them.

Avishock systems are extremely flexible and can be applied to any shape of building, even around corners or on curved edges, which means they can be installed practically anywhere. Once they are on, they are virtually invisible. These systems are ideal for commercial buildings where you don't want to alter the visual appeal of the property for customers, or where you need a subtle, non-intrusive protective solution for historic and architecturally important buildings.

If you are in need of the most professional and flexible bird proofing services in Wolverhampton that are based around the specific needs of your building, you need look no further for the help you need. We'll install a system that keeps birds away and deters them from roosting on your property, whatever the size of the building. We also provide all types of maintenance and repair work, helping to keep your building in top condition all year round.

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