Building Protection with J Lacey Debris Netting

Falling debris is a very real and serious reality. From loose rubble to spalling concrete, the sheer size and magnitude of such structures can have dangerous consequences if they are not dealt with.

You may associate us here at J Lacey, with such bespoke and reputable services as lightning building protection, church restoration and bird proofing services. We are also proud to be leading specialists in the implementation of internal and external debris netting for your buildings in the West Midlands areas.

With more than 30 years' experience under our belt, our knowledge and expertise in such intricate and significant protection services has seen us continue to be the first port of call for many clients from a variety of industry sectors.

Secure & Safe Debris Netting

A damaged or poorly constructed building is a scary thought for many of us. With the extremes of weather we witness here in the UK, it may come as no surprise that our buildings can fall victim to the wear-and-tear of the elements.

Falling structures, concrete spallings and loose debris can cause serious health risks to members of the public. It is for this reason that we pride ourselves in playing such an important role in the safety of our buildings and the protection of our local community.

Our 19mm nylon netting can be affixed both internally and externally to your building and is securely supported by stainless steel wiring and fixes. The quality of our equipment and procedures means that we can provide a responsive, reliable and effective service minimising the risk of falling debris to those concerned.

Serving Leicester, Birmingham & Walsall

Spalling concrete is concrete that has flaked or broken up due to a combination of environmental factors and improper installation causing structural stress. Our expertise has seen us called-on on a number of occasions, including by the local Fire Brigade, to provide emergency support and debris netting when dangerous spalling concrete has been present.

Spotting the signs of spalling concrete can make all the difference so if you suspect such damage has occurred, be sure to call us today on 0121 327 6376 and see how our services can help you.

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