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Birds play an important role in the ecosystem, but they can be a nuisance to businesses. Each day buildings are damaged where birds nest or become unsanitary and unsightly as a result of their droppings. Birds can become a problem that has a big effect on the daily operations of a business. There's also a risk of personal injury or health hazards, which is why it's important that you take every step you possibly can to ensure safety at your premises. With our Leicester bird proofing services, we can help to defend your property from the threats posed by birds and make sure your building and the people in it are protected.

Spikes are one way that you can tackle the problem, and have been proven as quite an effective method. They're one of the most common types of bird control and can be seen across the country on various different commercial buildings. Netting can also be installed in order to reduce the amount of birds on your premises. However, many business owners find that these can be quite visible from the outset and ruin the appearance of their facade. Fortunately, if this is a problem for you there are a number of alternatives that work just as well without being quite so noticeable.

Installing an Avishock system is a humane way to approach irritating birds. The system consists of twin stainless steel conductors set in a PVC base that is glued to exterior surfaces such as window ledges and roofs. It's flexible enough to accommodate any shape of building, and can even be installed on curved surfaces. The track of it is 6mm high and provided in a variety of colours suitable for most buildings, meaning that the visibility will be greatly reduced. Possibly the best thing about Avishock is the fact that it's completely weatherproof.

We specialise in all forms of Leicester bird proofing services, as well as providing many other services to keep buildings protected and in excellent condition. Over the years we've gained a great reputation in the local area and are proud to say that we are members of the Federation of Lighting Protection Specialists, Construction Line and the Steeplejack and Lightning Protection Training Group. In addition, we are also accredited with Safe Contractor and CHAS, re-affirming the standards of our services. Learn more about our bird proofing services or any of the other products we provide by calling our team today.

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