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Lightning is potentially one of the biggest problems when it comes to tall structures such as towers, churches or office blocks. When lightning strikes, it is capable of destroying the electrical systems in your property and can also harm or kill those unfortunate enough to be struck by it. Thankfully, however, methods have been developed in order to protect against lightning and the hazards that it can pose. If you need to boost the security of your property and are in need of effective Leicester lightning protection at an affordable price, then our team can help you.

Lightning protection is something that every owner of a tall property should consider, especially when the protection systems available can be simple while still being incredibly effective. It doesn't take a lot of complex, expensive equipment to protect your property. The main method of protection is a lightning conductor, which works by simply providing the path of least resistance for lightning to strike. Generally speaking, a wire extends from the lightning rod and down into a surge conductor or arrestor in order to safely contain the energy of the strike and direct it to the ground where it will not cause harm.

We use SafeStrike Lightning Protection Systems to give your building optimum protection. An early streamer emission lightning protection system, it performs exceptionally well against lightning strikes and can take the blow without an issue, providing a safe point for the energy to strike. When you have this form of lightning protection in place, you can ensure that the energy is fully taken care of and can harm neither the building nor any people in the area. These systems are compliant with NF-C-17-102 standards, British Standards EN 62305:2011 and Electricity at Work Regulations, providing comprehensive protection against lightning.

No matter what the individual requirements of your building, all Leicester lightning protection systems are installed fully and professionally by our team of expert steeplejacks. We can install protective measures on absolutely any structure, providing comprehensive protection against damage and saving you money while defending people and property. With our low cost systems, you have no excuse to leave your property unprotected. All you need is a single lightning protection system in place and you can benefit from having constant protection whenever a thunder storm rolls across your property. Simply call us or fill in our contact form and our team will be there to install your lightning protection.

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