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Working at great heights can be dangerous, so if you have a tall structure which requires any kind of maintenance or repair work, it's important to engage the services of professional and experienced individuals who know exactly what they are doing. Steeplejacks are highly skilled tradesman with the skills necessary to work safely at heights. Regularly working on tall structures such as high rise buildings and church steeples, our Leicester steeplejacks perform the work necessary to make sure that these structures are well maintained and not posing any danger to people in and around the premises. Performing everything from repairs to maintenance, our steeplejacks are highly skilled and always use cutting-edge equipment to complete the work.

Steeplejacks earned their name by working on church steeples during medieval times, repairing them when they were damaged. This is a service that we carry out to this day, only our steeplejacks are better equipped so that they are always safe, no matter which heights they climb to. We also service many other kinds of tall structures, such as high rise buildings, fixing any problems that may occur and keeping them safe and strong.

Our Leicester steeplejacks are also able to install bird proofing systems, such as bird spikes and netting. We use Avishock systems which humanely deter birds and prevent them from visiting the property in an attempt to roost, which could cause extensive damage to the fabric of your building. We also work in lightning protection, installing a variety of systems that can help to protect a property from the potentially destructive energy of a lightning strike. Our steeplejacks also perform gutter cleaning, using the safe and innovative SkyVac system to easily and safely clean away any blockage in your gutters without the need for ladders or scaffolding.

Our Leicester steeplejacks are highly trained, well equipped and follow full health and safety protocol when they are working. They follow the strictest standards, ensuring that all legal requirements are fulfilled whatever kind of work they are performing. We are Safe Contractor accredited, CHAS approved and members of Constructionline, the Steeplejack and Lightning Protection Training Group and the Federation of Lightning Protection Specialists. As you can see from our list of credentials, we are a professional company you can rely on for all your high rise needs. Fill in our contact form or phone us today to find out how our steeplejacks can help you.

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