Lightning and Surge Protection Coventry

Tall buildings and structures are vulnerable to lightning strikes at all times. The root cause of lightning is an escalation of electrical and positive charges, and even though lightning occurs between clouds, there are smaller charges that move on a downward trajectory and make contact with tall structures on their journey. Lightning is an incredible natural occurrence that we can neither predict nor control. The only way to combat lightning is with a proactive approach. The implementation of sufficient lightning protection is the ideal way to prevent the potential damage and devastation that lightning is capable of.

We specialise in the installation of effective management systems to protect your steeples and high rise buildings. We provide a comprehensive service that includes the supply, testing and maintenance of lightning protection systems, and our full range of services is second to none.

Lightning can have catastrophic effects on a property that is not equipped with adequate protection. With the use of our lightning and surge protection in Coventry, you can successfully protect your property and habitants from the effects of a strike. The cost of repairs and replacement of damaged goods can run into the thousands but with our effective protection products you can avoid unnecessary and unwanted expense.

Any electrical equipment that is plugged in at the moment lightning hits a building is vulnerable to damage from voltage spikes. Our systems are designed to fully protect your internal electrical appliances. The importance of protecting tall buildings and structures from lightning strikes cannot be exaggerated. When a building is exposed the lightning can enter through the internal wiring and plumbing system. Lightning can rampage through a property and cause a staggering amount of damage as well as present great risk to any people present.

We are a family operated business and we deliver a trusted, affordable and reliable service to our vast array of clients. We have been successfully supplying our services for over three decades, and we are ably equipped to assist you with your every lightning protection and high rise access need.

We are a member of the Federation of Lightning Protection Specialists and we fully comply with health and safety regulations. We use the finest equipment available and we offer a complete range of services including chimney maintenance, bird proofing and church restoration. Contact us for information on our high rise access services and lightning and surge protection in Coventry.

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