Steeplejacks and Debris Protection Coventry

The UK has a high number of churches in disrepair. Consistent exposure to the elements is the central cause of deterioration, as well as damage incurred by attempts to steal their lead. We provide trusted steeplejacks and debris protection in Coventry and the surrounding areas, and we are dedicated to the restoration and preservation of churches and other buildings.

When a church enters the stage of extreme disrepair its parishioners and visitors are at risk from insufficient insulation and falling debris. Our restoration service includes masonry repairs, flag poles and lead work along with the upgrading of lightning protection systems and weather vanes.

We have the knowledge, experience and resources to safely access all high rise buildings and structures, using the highest quality equipment and adhering to every established health and safety regulation. We regularly work with a diverse range of industries and we are committed to customer care.

We have undertaken projects for Birmingham University, the Lord Chancellors Office, HM Prison Service, West Midlands Police and many more. There is no restoration project we cannot competently undertake.

Our bird proofing systems provide the perfect solution to the damage caused by bird droppings on the top of buildings. When left for extended periods of time bird droppings cause blocked gutters and drains and all kinds of associated problems. We offer netting for the exteriors of buildings that have incurred structural damage or are simply suffering from wear and tear. Our netting systems prevent debris from falling to the ground and causing damage to pedestrians and vehicles.

As a company that was established over 30 years ago we have an extensive and impressive portfolio. We provide a cost-efficient service and reliable steeplejacks and debris protection in Coventry. Our comprehensive maintenance service for churches and high rise buildings is second to none, we operate on a nationwide basis and we respond to every request swiftly. Our vast client base is a result of many referrals and recommendations and we ensure all customers receive the highest standard of services at all times.

We specialise in all aspects of steeplejack work and the installation of lightning protection systems. Furthermore, we offer a range of industrial services including concrete repairs, industrial fencing, roofing, cleaning and more. Contact us for helpful advice and assistance regarding our full range of services.

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