The Avishock System – Humane Bird Control

Whilst many birds may still be on their holidays down south, it will be evident when they start to make their journey back as spring begins to blossom. Which is why now provides the perfect opportunity for you to bird proof your property in time for their dastardly return.

Here at J Lacey, as well as being leading specialists in Lightning Protection, we are also proud to be at the forefront of bird proofing in Wolverhampton, Leicester and the surrounding Midlands areas. Our feathered friend's presence can often cause unsightly and unhygienic problems to your property as well as potentially causing detrimental structural damage.

Protect Your Property

Blocked drains, bird droppings and the potential for health problems is only the start of what can quickly snowball into a major inconvenience should the birds decide to nest on or even in your building. Which is why, we are dedicated to providing a number of bird proofing services and products to ensure that you can find the right strategy for you and your property.

With a range of bird proofing spikes, bird and debris netting, we also offer the UK's first electric bird deterrent, the Avicshock system. Whilst they may sound vicious and extreme, our Avishock systems are designed with the most humane and effective methods around.

Effective, Efficient, Humane

It works by providing a small, yet effective charge to the bird should it decide to perch on your building. By causing them to wing rapidly once shocked, the effect to the bird is minimal. Glued to almost any surface and flexible enough to encompass curves and cavities, the 6mm high track is set on a PVC base which blends into your surroundings.

With a proven reluctance to revisiting protective areas, the installation of our Avishock System is one of the most efficient ways to ensure bird control and protect your building. For more information our bird proofing services, check out our website.

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