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Lightning is one of the biggest threats facing tall buildings and structures, as it has the potential to cause huge damage if it strikes. As lightning strikes the earth three billion times a year on average, you can't afford to take any risks with your premises. Fortunately, when you have lightning protection systems in place, you can minimise the threat that lighting poses to your building and ensure that your property and the people in it are defended.

Different buildings are at different levels of risk from lighting and will require different systems, so we always approach each task as an individual job. This way we can determine what is the most suitable system for you, and provide the help that will fulfil your needs the best. We never simply provide a one size fits all solution, but will instead take the time to provide an individual service. This attention to detail enables us to provide our clients with the very highest standards of work.

We use SafeStrike Lightning Protection Systems, which are amongst the latest and most effective lightning protection systems available. The system works by providing a safe point for the lightning to strike and directing the energy safely to ground rather than into your building or your electrical wiring. The systems fully comply with all the required legal standards and are renowned for providing superior protection.

One of the biggest dangers that can result from a lightning strike is damage to your electrical systems. If the strike travels through these systems, it can cause huge voltage spikes, potentially destroying any equipment that is plugged into the mains and posing a fire hazard. We can install surge protection measures in your electrical systems, so that in the event lightning does strike, your appliances will be protected from the surge of power that results, and the risk of your equipment being permanently damaged will be greatly reduced.

If you wish to protect your property and are interested in our Wolverhampton lightning protection systems, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We can provide a solution for every building, helping to defend your premises and keep it in good condition. Alongside lightning protection, we can also install bird proofing measures, carry out full repairs and restorations, and much more.

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