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Work that is carried out at great heights, such as lightning protection system installation, church restoration or roof repairs and maintenance, can be hazardous if not completed by a professional. If you need any type of work carrying out at a great height and want to make sure safety is always observed, while still ensuring quality work, qualified steeplejacks can provide the help you need. As a team of experienced Wolverhampton steeplejacks, we can offer all the help you need at a price that suits your budget.

We provide all the services you could require to keep your tall structures in top condition. If a building has suffered damage, for example as a result of a lightning strike or harsh weather conditions, we can put it right and make sure the structure is strong and secure once more. To protect against the right of lightning strikes in the future, we can install innovative lightning protection systems designed around the unique needs of your building.

We use the latest state of the art equipment to complete our work, meaning that safety and excellence is always assured. For example, when we carry out gutter cleaning we use the SkyVac system, which can reach up to great heights with no need for the worker to climb up ladders or erect scaffolding. Not only does this mean the work can be carried out safely, it also means that we can clean your gutters more quickly and efficiently than ever before. We can also install the Avishock bird control system, a practically invisible system which powerfully deters birds from roosting on your premises. With the use of technology such as this, we can give our clients the highest standards of work at all times.

You can always be certain that our Wolverhampton steeplejacks will provide quality work as they are fully trained, fully equipped and dedicated to upholding the most stringent health and safety standards. We are Safe Contractor accredited and members of the Federation of Lightning Protection Specialists, amongst many other accreditations, giving our clients the confidence that they are working with a quality company. If you want an attentive maintenance service for your building, you wish to defend it against possible future risks, or your structure has suffered some damage that need repairing, make us your first port of call.

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