British people have a deep love for their churches

The National Churches Trust recently carried out a survey which showed more than half of adults in Britain think that more Government funding should be provided to churches. This news comes at a time when it has been announced that Shrewsbury Cathedral will receive a £750,000 renovation, which will be partly enabled by Government funds. It is hoped that this will signal more new investments into the future of Britain’s churches.

The survey reflects the deep respect and affection that people have for the churches in the UK. These buildings are significant not only to people with religious beliefs, but to everyone in the community. They are the sites of some of the most important events in our lives, including Christenings, marriages and funerals, and are places where people come together and are unified. Besides this, they are often also beautiful and historically significant examples of architecture which have stood for many decades, if not centuries.

However, due to age, many of them have unfortunately fallen into disrepair, and in some cases this has rendered them unsafe to use. In these instances, professional restoration can reverse the damage and help to preserve these important buildings for future generations. We completely understand the significant role that churches play in their local communities, and we strive to ensure that they can continue by providing professional and skilled church restoration services.

When it comes to churches, it is important to know that the work is being carried out by highly skilled professionals who have a deep respect for the building. When our services are being used, there are no such concerns. All our steeplejacks are fully trained in different aspects of church restoration and know how to access high areas using the safest and most suitable techniques. Besides restoring existing damage, we can also install systems to safeguard against potential future hazards, such as lightning strikes.