Churches can sustain serious damage from strikes

Churches are the heart of many towns and communities, but due to age and lack of funding many of them are in decline. A further problem facing churches is their susceptibility to lightning strikes. When a church is struck by lightning, it can suffer considerable damage, leading to even further disrepair.

An unprotected church is five times more likely to be damaged by a strike than one with a protection system in place. Prevention is always better than cure, so it’s advisable to take every possible step to defend a church building from possible lightning strikes. The installation of a quality system equips a church with the protective solutions it needs and ensures that the electrical energy within a strike can be directed safely to the ground.

Protection systems are concerned with direct strikes, a strike in the vicinity of the structure, a strike to the service cable that supplies the structure or a strike close to a power or telephone cable. Overall, once a system is installed it offers protection to the structure itself, the surrounding environment and the people and electrical equipment inside.

When systems are installed there should always be sufficient separation between the lightning conductors and other conducting material, particularly the wiring system. As experienced steeplejacks and leading suppliers of protective systems, we are able to provide all churches with optimal defence from dangerous lightning strikes.

Once your system has been installed, we can offer a comprehensive testing and maintenance service. Our Coventry steeplejacks have plenty of experience in high rise access projects and can carry out safe and efficient installations. We know that all structures differ in their protection needs, so we ensure each church is fitted with the right system. We serve customers on a nationwide basis and provide an affordable and professional service.