Food businesses are vulnerable to bird problems

Nuisance birds have always been an issue, but in recent years the numbers of birds causing problems by nesting on top of buildings has risen substantially. Species such as starlings, sparrows and feral pigeons are constantly on the hunt for water, shelter and food and they are extremely resourceful when creating nests atop and inside buildings.

Urban bird control has become a necessity for many buildings, including warehouses and other industrial and commercial facilities. It is essential to protect professional premises, their contents and the people that work inside them. Pigeons, gulls and sparrows are just a few of the nuisance birds that have become a serious problem in industrial settings, and pigeons can be a particularly big problem as they tend to mate for life and will not readily vacate a nest.

Pest birds can also cause substantial problems for food establishments such as restaurants, cafes and takeaways. They have incredible vision and are able to distinguish between ultraviolet and infrared in the UV spectrum. They can easily identify food and heat, which will of course draw them to any place where food preparation is going on.

When birds identify a food source they will build a nest and begin to leave droppings. Their excrement causes contamination, spreads germs and leads to a greater insect presence. The major issue with their faeces is the acidic content as it stains roofs and leads to surface deterioration. Once this occurs it can cause a whole new set of problems. Furthermore, their droppings and feathers can get trapped in chimneys and ventilation shafts leading to the risk of fire and the spread of disease.

If you need help to alleviate this issue, we can offer you high quality bird proofing solutions. You can select from netting, bird spikes and electronic systems that have been specially designed to deal with the destructive presence of birds. Our quality Avishock system offers harmless bird management and determent and an effective solution to the problem of nesting birds on, around and inside buildings.