Protecting gutters from acid rain damage

Many of us have made efforts to live in a more environmentally friendly way over the last few decades, and many of these steps have had a significant and very beneficial effect. One of the clearest ways this can be seen is in the dramatic reduction of acid rain levels we now experience in the UK. A push to reduce sulphur and nitrogen emissions has seen a fall in man made contributions towards acidity in rainwater, with the measured level currently 90% lower than it was in the 1980s. However, the reality is that neither we nor the rest of the world can ever be completely free of acid rain. This is something which must be kept in mind when arranging cleaning services for roofs and gutters.

Whether falling as storms or as snow, rainwater has a natural acidic quality to it. Even if we ceased all human activates which contribute to it, the natural release of sulphur and nitrogen oxides from forests, volcanoes and the oceans would mean acid rain remained a part of life. While the work to reduce acid rain has been both admirable and essential, we have to accept that this kind of rain is always going to be with us in some form.

It is easy to see when a storm has brought acid rain as we will be left with dirty looking marks or streaks across our windows after a storm passes. While in the majority of cases these windows can be washed and no lasting harm is caused to the glass, the same is not always true of gutters. Traces of acid rain may be left soaking into gutters, causing damage and eroding their normal lifespan.

As part of our industrial services, we can carry out thorough and professional gutter cleaning to combat the damage caused by the presence of acid rain. Our team of roofers and steeplejacks are qualified to use the SkyVac system, the world class gutter cleaning technology which is widely viewed as the very best available. In addition to ensuring all debris and blockages are cleared, our use of SkyVac will significantly limit the damage caused to your gutters by acid rain.

The measures we have taken to reduce man made pollution have been significant and effective. While there is little we can do about stopping natural causes of pollution, our gutter cleaning services can help you ensure the damage is limited.