Repairing and restoring 19th century churches

There was a huge increase in the number of churches being constructed around the country throughout the 19th century. This was due to population increases and general revivalism in the Church of England. The return to ancient forms of worship brought about the need for new furnishings and equipment within the church. The new manufacturing areas such as London and the North of England had high volumes of people wanting to attend church, but not enough churches to accommodate them.

There were 10,000 churches in the UK at the beginning of the 19th century, but a survey taken in 1872 revealed that a further 3,204 churches had been built by that time. Additionally, 925 existing churches had been rebuilt entirely. The dioceses of England were required to report how many churches had been restored or built at a cost of more than £500. The total cost equates to approximately £1.2 billion in today’s money.

In almost 150 years since the construction and rebuilding of many of the UK’s churches, several have fallen into severe decline. There are currently over 1000 churches in desperate need of restoration. Churches play a crucial role within many communities, and we know the importance of maintaining their condition.

As experienced steeplejacks we are able to offer a safe and high quality church restoration service. We have spent many years at the forefront of the sector and we can access all high rise structures and carry out comprehensive and efficient restoration work.

We use only state of the art materials and equipment and we strictly adhere to all relevant health and safety regulations. On site safety is of paramount importance to us, and we can be trusted to carry out the most professional and reputable work. Our team are able to complete all high rise access projects including weather vane adjustment, flag poles, lead work and full masonry repairs.

Once the roof of a church has been secured, it offers long term security and durability. Churches are used for events and meetings for local schools, groups and charitable organisations. They are multi-functional venues and a stable roof can offer a warm and sheltered environment for over a century.

We are committed to providing carefully devised remedial plans and high quality workmanship to assist the problem of the failing churches throughout the country. We offer a comprehensive and cost-effective service that also includes building services, industrial cleaning, concrete repairs and the installation of lightning protection systems.